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Co-Founder of ImPulse Gaming

Post by GAME ImP on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:42 pm

Welcome to all the new members that have registered for the site my name is Casey (AKA) GaMe, i am one of the co-founders of ImPulse Gaming. We have talked about doing this for awhile now and by popular demand here it is guys and girl gamers, this will be the center of gaming reality post videos of you and your teams, or of just you and also Team ImPulse will be gearing up for another season of competion, by showing off your skills, dedication, and also teamwork there could be a position on the Semi Pro Team. Some of you that follow the teams this team is made up of the best players of Final Chapter that dominated Call of Duty MW2 with the out standing record of 421-21 with time and dedication we will take this to the top but we can only make this the best with the support of our fellow gamers and fans.......Thank you to everyone that has made a contribution and keep up the good work and keep representing ImPulse Gaming.

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