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How to create DMZ for Xbox

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How to create DMZ for Xbox

Post by ALFA on Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:12 am

DMZ for the Xbox
This puts the Xbox on the other side of the firewall, there isn't a need to port forward while this is activated.
"DMZ" stands for De-materialized zone in other words all information through the router will pass through this connection first rather then setting up ports that are forwarded open.

1. On your PC connect to your router by going to in a browser.


2. Under the Games & Applications tab make sure the DMZ is disabled


3. Now on the XBox go to the System settings > Network Settings > Configure Network

4. Then press "A" as the top box is highlighted in "GREEN"

5. Change the settings from "Automatic" to "Manual"

6. Now Change the octets of the IP address, subnet mask, gateway to the following:

* IP Address:
* subnet:
* gateway:

*Note the subnet and the gateway will be exact as you see it. The IP Address can be 10 - 200 in the highlighted octet above. The 200 was used as a example.

7. Leave the settings of the DNS primary and secondary servers set to Default

8. Now on your computer you need to enter the DMZ settings of the router again as stated in step 2 and ENABLE the DMZ

9. There will be a box as the last octet. Enter the number selected for step 6 the was indicated in yellow in this box
*Note this number will be the same on the xbox as it is in the DMZ 192.168.1.???


10. Save the settings on the router settings screen by pressing "SAVE CHANGES" If the settings aren't saved you just wasted your time with this tutorial....Sad

After finishing all the above steps make sure to power cycle your router for the settings to take effect. Once that has happened sign into XBL.

If you can't sign into XBL make sure the router is "ON" because we didn't change any settings to prevent you as a player to connect if a mistake was made.

These changes gives you the user a OPEN connection and you should have no problem connecting to anyone.

Any problems contact me on the site and or through my skype and private messages.

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Re: How to create DMZ for Xbox

Post by xTANGOxV2 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:35 am

nice tut


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